Five [Prompt #14: Table]

quinta-feira, 4 de fevereiro de 2010

Title: Five
Rating: PG13
Status of the list: 2/100
Prompt used: #14 - Table
Author's note: My afternoon.



You’re the first to wake up, as usual. You open your eyes and lazily turn your head to look at the window, the realization that it’s day already filling your mind. You can get up now, a new journey has begun.

As you exit the room, you are forced to tiptoe around the bodies lying on the floor. You stop when you reach the door, pausing your every move just to hear the sounds of even breathing that fill the room, the light snore from the one sleeping on the bed, the slow turn of the one sleeping on the floor in front of the closet. You smile and a giggle almost makes its way out of your throat, but you manage to cover your mouth. The day has started for you, but not for anyone else.

The kitchen table has always been your favourite place in the house. You come here for weekends, holidays, vacations, and every time you wind up at the table, eating and cooking and baking and talking. That kitchen table is the center of the house, the life of the party, the element that cannot be taken away. It’s your point of union with them.

You made your coffee and now you sit, quietly, one foot coming up to stand beside the knee on your chair. You know that you still look like the land of dreams you just came home from, your hair ruffled, your eyes slightly swollen and your expression half blank. It’s not a problem. The sunlight is hitting your face with the force of a waterfall, and you close your eyes to let the sunshine in, to allow it to penetrate your every cell.

(it’s the same as when we were in school together; walking up to them in the lobby, the smell of coffee and cookies and sweets I brought from home.)

The drop in, now, two, then one, then another. The two boys hanging out, talking loudly and walking into the kitchen as they laugh. They both greet you with such smiles, such happy expressions, that it’s almost as if they haven’t seen you in years. One of them comes up behind you and hugs you, pulling your head against his chest, and you laugh quietly, inhaling his scent. The second one grabs your head and ruffles your hair even more, kissing the top of it and whispering “good morning” in a conspirational tone.

(being mocked by the two of them about my work, sitting with them as they ate the sweets I brought from home, and that I was never hungry enough to eat.)

Then it’s her, the girl who is so much like you and so unlike anything you’ve ever seen at the same time. She’s silent, still not quite awake as she sits at the table and allows her head to fall between her arms. You move your hand, place it on her hair and caress it slowly. Her hand comes up and holds yours in place for a moment, and you feel all the warmth in the world filling your chest.

The last one comes in and pushes you playfully, like he has since you were seven and he was ten and you were his sister’s best friend. He helps himself to the coffee and sits besides the girl.

(that afternoon downtown, the laughter as the first of the boys pulled you all up the street and you were laughing like ten year olds, the pure joy of that moment.)

You’re all at the table, and the silence from before is now impossible to achieve. Nevertheless, you couldn’t be happier. For once, everything feels like it’s fallen into place. And as you smile, one of them reaches for your camera, points it at you and shoots.

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